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Caregivers Corner: How to Help a Caregiver

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How often have you felt as though you have “lost” a friend because they have responsibilities taking care of a loved one and they can’t get away?  I hope you don’t take it personally that they aren’t available.  I’m sure they wish they could get away with you, but they just can’t.  There’s a good chance that they don’t get away for much of anything anymore.

Think of it a minute.  What would it be like if you could no longer go to lunch with friends, have time to yourself to go to the grocery, go get your hair done, go to church, enjoy sitting and reading a book or go on vacation. 

It’s not uncommon that Caregivers struggle with depression and many other emotions that go with being isolated.  What can you do about it?  Volunteer to help!

If you ask what you can do to help, your friend may not come up with anything because they are overwhelmed with their responsibilities and it seems that everything “needs to be done”. 

So take it upon yourself to make an offer of something specific to help.  When you go visit, be observant during your visit.  There’s usually something in a house that needs to done.  If you need some hints, here you go:

· Do a load of laundry

· Bring a favorite movie & watch it together

· Send flowers

· Do an item on his or her ‘to do” list

· Send a “thinking-of-you” card

· Buy a grownup coloring book & crayons

· Set up a bird feeder at the window

· Fix a leaky faucet

· Bake cookies or some other sweets

· Volunteer to stay with their loved one so they can get out of the house

· Do dishes

· Cook and deliver a meal that they like

· Replenish coffee or tea supply

· Replace batteries in smoke detectors

· Let him or her vent

· Play cards with him or her

· Get groceries

· Put a ready-to-bake casserole in freezer

· Call them to just talk

Your time with your friend is invaluable!  Caregivers need a break and by spending your time, you are being so helpful.  In addition to your help, Respite is available through Preble County Council on Aging.  If you or someone you know could use Respite Care, please contact Barb Felton at 456-4947.